dragging to sorter to create webarchive

cmd + option drag&drop a URL from Safari into the sorter does not give me a webarchive, just a very small doc with “” in it.

Misunderstanding on my part? bug?

Using DTPro 2.9.5

What URL are you dragging? It worked here with a random URL.

any URL from safari, this forum for example.

I agree with @joost. It doesn’t work sometimes. I cannot ⌘⌥-drag the url from this page and get a webarchive with content, for example, but I can from other pages and get a webarchive with content.

I cannot make it work at all, sooh, is this going to be fixed or am i just not getting how this works?

This is not a global issue. I have tested several random URLs that have worked as expected. You can start a Support Ticket, if you’d like.