Dragging URLs into DTTG, but no proper name added

I started to archive and sort bookmarks / URLS.
So far, I did this mainly on Mac with DEVONthink.

But now I wanted to continue on iPad with the new DTTG 3.x

Sadly, the name of an URL simply does not arrive in DTTG, while it seems to be perfectly available! Also, the same technique works on Mac…

Instead, the name of the URL is simply “Pasted Bookmark”, which is quite useless.
As, I already deleted all DTTG 2.x instances, I am not sure if this is a new bug, or a missing feature.

To showcase what I see, I created a screen capture, but I cannot upload it to the forum.

Try this shortcut:


Many thanks, but from what I see there, it requires to be shared from Safari to DTTG.
Sharing already works, uses the right name for the URL and also lands in the global INBOX.

But sharing from the menu takes too much time and is too inflexible compared to just having DTTG open on one side and Safari on the other and then simply dragging the URL from Safari to the selected folder (group) within DTTG. This allows for many URLs to be sorted into DTTG within each minute.

This way, I can very easy and fast sort my open tabs into DTTG and directly have them in the right group.

I never saw such an behavior from any other iOS / iPadOS App - all seem to use the proper name.
So I hope that this is a small bug in DTTG 3.x which will be fixed soon.

Just wanted to draw attention to this :hugs:

I can’t comment on how soon, but an issue has been filed.

Perfect, many many thanks!:hugs:

I just uploaded the screen capture to YouTube to showcase what I mean: