Dragging URLs into DTTG does not provide a subject or title or name

If I drag an URL from Safari into DT, it get’s a nice subject or title, depending on the title of the video.
This is true for other websites too.

If I do the same with DTTG, ALL such bookmarks have the same title or name:

www.youtube.com - watch.webloc

That’s totally uselesss.

Right now, I am again sitting at the Mac, dragging URLs from DT into Safari and then back into DT, so that they get a fitting title or name.

This is not a Nice Thing and really should be fixed, if possible at all.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Ah, and when it is not possible in DTTG on iPadOS, how about adding some new feature to DT instead?

Select URLs / bookmarks and then use a feature like “Re-read name from title” or something like this.

That’s already available for a long time, see Scripts > Rename menu but in case of YouTube (and probably other sites) you have first to confirm the annoying cookie warning in DEVONthink.

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I found the menu, and “To web page title” seems to help with this, many thanks!

It does not seem to work for PDFs, but YouTube bookmarks can be fixed with this and also some other links.

Still, would it be possible to create the right name directly from dragging an URL into DTTG? Or is this technically not possible?

Do the PDFs have a URL and is it still valid? That’s the only thing that’s necessary.

Yes, but probably the page did not have a title, being just the URL to an PDF file.

Not sure, but this is not so important to me.

Again, it would be best if dragging URLs into DTTG could produce valid tiles in general!

Finding all “bad” titles is not easily accomplished, even as the script allows to update the items.

For web pages clipped as PDFs it should work but not for downloaded PDFs.

But you will not answer the question about getting “right” names from dragging URLs into DTTG?

Just curious if that would be possible or not.
Would be a great feature :wink:

Safari doesn’t provide the necessary information on iOS but I’ve forwarded the request.

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Many thanks!

I tested this with the URL management App “GoodLinks”:

As it seems, GoodLinks takes it’s own step to download additional content from the given URL - as it is able to store the whole description of the video as well.

Just as an idea how other “link collecting Apps” handle such things :slight_smile:

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