dragging webarchive to Sorter broken?

I frequently work with DTPO closed and drag the favicon of a site into the Sorter (with Command + Option) to create a webarchive, which I then read and file when I open DTPO. I’ve done this for years (even before the modifier keys were necessary).

This has stopped working recently… I’m not sure if it’s from a Safari update or a the DTPO update to 2.3.4.

The Safari toolbar extension “Clip to DEVONthink” works fine, but DTPO needs to be open.

Any thoughts?


Same here (I use firefox).

I just noticed that all web archives or links I dragged during the last few days to the sorter arrived in DTP as simple texts containing the URL.

How can I get back the previous behaviour from the Sorter? Is there an easy way to convert those texts to links and web archives?

Same here (I use Safari). Did you find a solution for the problem?

Last time I encountered this problem the trick has been to use the keys shortly after beginning to drag the URL to the Sorter. But now I could not find any key-combination to work with the intended behaviour.

Anyone reading this and able to help?

I really need this function to import a Web Archive without being forced to open DT Pro.

I found that this ability was restored with the recent 2.3.5 update. It now works as before: pressing command and option shortly after starting to drag the favicon.

Thank you for the hint!

I installed the update and everything is fine now. :smiley: