Drawing on graphics processor in Macbook Pro to speed up ocr

I am aware that some applications (video processing, graphics processing) can use a graphics processor for some tasks. The macbook pro (current model) has 2 graphics processors: one for higher performance, and one that provides less performance but conserves battery life.

Is it possible to rely on the faster graphics processor, when available, to improve performance of OCR in DT 2.0?

I think perhaps not: that DT mainly involves integrating an OCR engine into DT, and that use of a graphics processor would require the graphics engine itself to support this.

Any thoughts? Does anyone know of an OCR package for OS X that does support an external graphics processor to speed up OCR?


I think, perhaps when 10.6 and OpenCL are available, that DTP could be architected to do that. Well, or the OCR engine could be. However, I don’t know whether OpenCL applications will be 10.6 only, meaning you’d have to upgrade to get that.

I suspect the answer to your question at the current time is “no.”