Dream Edits or Sync Issue?

The other day I woke up at 3 a.m. and decided to edit a bunch of files in DEVONthink. Don’t judge, this is my life now. Fast forward a couple of days and it really looks like the files that I edited are back to the original version. I’m going through my research and reformatting the markdown and I could swear that I’ve just gone over these topics.

Or did I? Was it all a dream? Did my research simply refuse to be edited for clarity? Did DEVONthink sabotage me? Either I dreamed about going over my FreeBSD HAST/CARP failover research or I actually did the edits, but now they are gone.

I did the edits on my MacBook, but have been working on my iMac all day. When I first noticed the issue I opened my MacBook and thought it just needed to sync… but I’m still not seeing the changed files. It’s not every day I lose hours of work, but when I do it’s because of sync.

There’s not enough information to determine if it was a dream. :smiley:

What kind of sync are you doing?

What kind of sync are you doing?

CloudKit. Is there a log or something I can look at?

Which conflict setting (see Preferences > Sync) do you use on your devices, is it always the same?

Yep, I’ve got it set to sync automatically & duplicate documents, and it’s the same on the three devices I have syncing: iPhone, iMac, & MacBook.

Files (and in one case an entire folder) I thought I had deleted were still present. It really seems like the entire session I had that morning was wiped out. No idea how, and if I’m honest it was very early and I was pretty tired, so I’d have a tough time testifying in a court of law… but as I’m going through my database I keep coming up on things that I thought I had worked on that morning.

This isn’t (as far as I know) a recurring issue, but it’s a strange one for sure.

Is a verification of this database successful (see File menu), did DEVONthink or the computer crash or freeze? In addition, is this an indexed or imported document? Was is it used in another app at the same time?

Ah… we can drop this. I just remembered I’m running the Monterey public beta on my MacBook. Probably has something to do with that.

Hard to tell whether it’s related but answers to my questions would be highly appreciated nonetheless, thank you!

:+1:t2: Database successfully verified on both machines. Nothing is indexed, all documents reside entirely within the DEVONthink database. I was about to say no other applications use the documents, but I tend to edit the Markdown files in BBEdit (using ⌘⇧O) and then save them back to the database when finished.

I just did some edits on my MacBook and they showed up on my iMac just fine.

Sync issues, lots of data, and very early mornings can make things confusing. I’m not sure I can fully trust my own memory of what I edited and what I didn’t. If there were a log somewhere I could parse through I could verify for myself what’s going on.

This isn’t logged (as sync logs can be already very large).