Drop documents on "Recent" Database, Auto-Open Databases, Se

It would be nice if DTP let me drop a document onto one of my “Recent” databases without requiring me to manually “Open” that database first. Easy enough for DTP to open it for me.

Also, how do I automatically open more than one database when DTP starts up?

Lastly, is there a way to search across multiple databases? Must they first be “Open”?


In Preferences > General - Startup, check the option to open windows that were open on quit. Now open the set of databases that you wish to have automatically opened next time you launch the DT application.

You can search across multiple open databases in DT Pro/Office when using the full Search window (Tools > Search).

If you have placed all your databases within the same folder, in the Finder select that folder and enter your search query. If you have turned on Spotlight indexing for your databases (File > Database Properties), the files that meet your query will be listed, whether or not the databases containing them or open or closed. Select one and press Space to see a QuickLook preview of it (if available), or double-click it to open that file under its parent application. NOTE: We don’t recommend that you edit the file by accessing it in this way – select it for edit from within the database, instead, so that DT will be aware of the edit changes when the file is saved (for Import-captured items).

Cautionary note: If you decide to move your databases into the same folder in order to take advantage of that Spotlight index search, please QUIT the DT application first, as moving an open database could cause damage. Next, after the moves are complete, launch DT and choose File > Open Recent > Clear menu – because you need to tell DT to “forget” the previous paths to your databases. Now open your set of databases using File > Open Database and all will be good.