Dropbox and databases


I would sincerely like to add to and modify a database while on my Macbook, and then open that same database at home on my Mac.

I put a database on Dropbox recently, and I can open it from my Macbook and from my desktop Mac. (I am careful to only have it open on one or the other at any one time.)

I have no problem accessing all of the info in the database. The problem is in making additions and modifications.

I made a “test” modification on my database while on my desktop mac (moved some files), closed it, and then later (after Dropbox had synced), opened the same database on my Macbook. The modifications do not appear when I open it on my Macbook.

Do I need to do something additional to be able to access and modify databases from Dropbox?

SECONDLY (if the above is not possible): Is there a procedure for capturing data to an inbox while on your Macbook that then automatically syncs to the main desktop mac’s database?

Get in the habit of quitting the DEVONthink application after each session of working on a database, if you are syncing it to more than one computer. Then allow time for changes to be uploaded to Dropbox.

If you then move to a second computer, wake it from sleep or start it up and allow time for download of the changes previously made to Dropbox on that computer, BEFORE launching the DEVONthink application.

Now launch DEVONthink and open the database, and you should see the changes made on the other computer.

A search for ‘dropbox’ on this forum will find many discussions of Dropbox and synchronization, including warnings and precautions, good and bad experiences.

Hi Bill,

Thanks for your reply.

I’ve been following your suggested procedure with no luck. Seems to be some quirk I can’t overcome; logically, it seems to me that a common database stored “in the cloud” should reflect changes from either computer that opens it - - unless there is some kind of local preferences package that controls things like folder hierarchy.

I’ll read the rest of the Dropbox comments in the forums to see if I can glean anything further.

Thanks again -