Dropbox remote databases missing.

Since last DT update all my dropbox remote databases have disappeared from the sync control panel. Is this ok?
Although syncing seems to work, yesterday I worked on some files at work, I manually synced and when arriving at home I found the changes were missing.
Now I have to go to the office (on saturday) since I need these files to work in the weekend.
I find the sync behaviour not very user friendly and responsive. A part from the little dot in the sync icon which disappears when sync is finished you do not really now if sync finished successfully, as it seems.
Will the option to verify uploaded items notify me if something goes wrong?

I’m at the office right now and I can confirm I have sync issues with dropbox.
Files I change in my office computer are not been synced to my laptop even though the sync finished as expected without any warning in the log.
It’s happening in both directions.

After the last update I have issues with my CloudMe account. Nothing sync. Moved my databases over to dropbox yesterday and dropbox works fine. Maybe this is an issue related to Devonthink?

I found the problem.

Somehow last DT update asked for dropbox credentials. I believe I had an open safari session with dropbox with a different account. DT did not complain at all and duplicated my database to the new dropbox location hence I ended up with two copies of my databases on different dropbox accounts, one in my laptop and the other in my office mac.

I wonder if this is something that DT could handle better. Very easy to mess things up if you have different dropbox accounts.


You can see what account a Sync location is Syncing to in DEVONthink’s Preferences > Sync. In fact, hover over a Sync location for a full view of the account name.