Dropbox Sync Incomplete

I am using DTPO 2.11.3 and an encrypted Dropbox to sync between my desktop and laptop computers. I recently purchased a new laptop and installed DTP3 on it. I configured the locations and entered the encryption key. I first tried to import an encrypted database to see how the local encryption would work. When the sync was complete I only had the group file structure, but there were no files in any of the groups. I deleted that database and tried a regular import of the remote database. Same thing, no files in any of the groups. Additionally, several groups were missing from both syncs. When I was double checking my group file structure on my old laptop vs my desktop, I noticed that there were some missing groups on both my new laptop and old laptop. However, they are not missing the same groups. Any thoughts on how to correct these issues?

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.