Dropbox sync problem 2.7: Database Metadata not found

I have been working through all my databases, which were previously syncing happily with Dropbox in DTPO 2.6.x, and have been cleaning each location and re-syncing with DTPO 2.7. It has taken some time, but the process seems to have been successful, except for one previously synced database. I can neither clean the location nor sync this database, as each action generates the error message:
Database Metadata: (not found ({“error”: “File has been deleted”}))
Does anyone know what the message means? If 2.7 won’t let me clean the location or sync then I am stuck. I have carried out the Verify & Repair and Rebuild Database operations on it, to no avail. It still shows up in the “Sync this database” column of Sync/Preferences, with the date and time of the last sync (under 2.6.x), and the correct Dropbox location shown in column 3 of the dialog. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’ll look into this. In the meantime, run this AppleScript:

tell application "DEVONthink Pro"
  set theUUID to the uuid of the current database
end tell

This will give you the UUID of the database you currently have selected. The UUID is a unique string of characters used to differentiate each database from all other databases.

Now go to Dropbox (web interface) and navigate to the folder /Apps/DEVONthink/databases/. There you should see listed a number of folders. One probably looks like “@inbox”. The rest look something like the UUID that appeared when you ran the above script.

Delete the folder whose name matches the UUID returned by the above script.

Retry the sync.

Many thanks - done that and got the UUID. There is a lockfile with that UUID so I deleted that as well as the folder with the UUID. I have started the sync and it has got past the previous fail and is now uploading the files, so finger crossed! Thanks again

No problem. Happy to hear it’s working :slight_smile: