Dropbox sync seems to restart when interrupted?

Hi, Im trying to do the first drobbox sync from Dropbox location and DT database with 25000 items in it.

However, the sych seems to restart everytime it gets interrupted because of network failure etc.
One time it appeared finish but reported some errors and it restarted from 0 again.

Is there a way to avoid this?

Btw the Database was/is 95% synched already through a Local Network Location.

Sync resumes automatically after a short interval so if it starts at zero after an interruption, it should be dealing with the remainder of the items to sync.

Unfortunately no, its just now got up to 18000 and got interrupted Then restart again from 0…

… upto 25000.

In DEVONthink, hold the Option key and select Help > Report Bug.

This is Devon Think To Go 2.7.7 on iOS

Are you also syncing a Mac?
You said it was synced through a network location.


Then start the ticket per my request. Thanks.

Interesting sizes:
Db in mac file system: 3.3 GB
According to DT3 database properties on mac: 18.1 GB total
Size on iPad 30.13 GB
Size in dropbox: 20.17.


Can you provide screen captures of what you’re referring to?
You can post them in your existing ticket, if you’d like.

Now abouve issues was solved by replace the whole synch. But now my two mac pro with DT3 are completely out of sync where the second does not seems to pick up any changes from the primary DT3 through dropbox.

Still problems with Dropbox synch. Two DT3 on two machines dont have the same entries anymore.