Dropbox Sync Store Account

First time to post.
I have a personal dropbox account and a work dropbox account.
I would like to use the work dropbox account for my work database sync store.
Is it possible to use two different dropbox accounts?
If so, where would I specify which account I am using?

At the moment only one Dropbox account is supported. One workaround might be to create multiple sync stores using one account, each sync store having different encryption keys.

Thanks cgrunenberg.

It’s a space issue that I’m running into. I have plenty of space on the work account :smiley: but not much on the personal account. :confused: So I was hoping to take advantage of the extra space.

So, can I specify which account to use?
If so, where can I make that change?

The first time you create a Dropbox sync store you have to sign in into your account and grant DEVONthink access to your Dropbox.

Thanks again cgrunenberg.

How can I revoke access to Dropbox or sign out of Dropbox so I can start the process with a new dropbox account?

I have cleaned and removed all dropbox sync stores but when I try to create a new sync store, it is still using my current personal dropbox account.

Basically I’m trying to get back to the point where it thinks it the first time I am creating a Dropbox sync store.

Go online into your Dropbox account’s Settings > Security > Apps linked and remove the DEVONthink Sync entry.

Thanks bluefrog!

I really appreciate this forum & the DT team.

Glad to be of service!