Dropbox syncing

I already have two desktop’s syncing through Dropbox. Trying to get DTTogo syncing without success.

In setting up my iPhone, is the ‘Sync Store’ the name of the devonthink.dtcloud file in Dropbox? Right now I’m stuck on ‘Preparing…’ for almost an hour.

Tended to in Support.

Same question here

Me too - except I got it early in Australia and have been trying all night - that darn “preparing” bar never moves!! At least I have gotten past the numerous encryption key errors I was plagued with for the first few hours.

As an update to this for anyone else… I was already syncing between two desktops through Dropbox. When attempting to sync to my iPhone, I was getting multiple errors and could not get it going.

I tried deleting the Dropbox connection on my desktops multiple times with no luck.

What ended up working was deleting my Dropbox Sync setting on my desktop and creating a new connection with a different name.

This forced a new complete upload to Dropbox and then my iPhone DTToGo made a connection.

Thank you. But as written in the first post, what do I have to enter for sync store?

@skyscraper: Whatever you choose. The Store Name is the name of the “folder” the Sync data will be in.
If this is a new Sync, you need to give it a name. The best option is to have it simple (ie. easy to remember or type), no punctuation except underscores or hyphens, and it’s best if it’s one word.

For example, I have syncStores named s3709, s3_Dropbox, or AllDatabases.

I was excited to see that, from now on, I would be able to take my Devonthink databases with me in my iPhone and iPad.
I tried to sync and I finally could, but I was unable to understand where the files were stored in Dropbox. So, I could sync the databases stored in my iPad or iPhone, but I was unable to add the databases from my Mac.
I tried to begin again: I deleted the Dropbox directory and reinstalled the apps. Now, the iPad simply asks for a new Dropbox account…So I am unable to sync any database. So, after wasting a few hours trying to sync, I think that I am coming back to Evernote. Easy to use, easy to sync, mobile…I would love to use DEVONthink, but I cannot understand how the developers write those dark and useless help files.

I am having no success syncing my DevonThinkPro to DTTG using Dropbox. I removed the application folder on Dropbox and tried again. Now I get a message “User has removed their app folder (dropbox.com 401)”. What can I do to be able to sync to Dropbox?

Why?? Please start a Support Ticket. Thanks