Dropbox vs icloud CloudKit experience in 2021

Last night I search around for this topic and found a lot of pre-CloudKit comparisons talking about how slow iCloud sync was. I had similar experiences with iCloud syncing, going from Dropbox to iCloud a few years ago. It was a garbage experience. Well I just tried the newer CloudKit based iCloud sync. Omg. It’s blindingly fast to sync. Had zero issues and it just works. Just thought I would mention it.


Thanks for sharing your experience!
We too have seen and heard reported mostly very good things about the CloudKit sync. :slight_smile:

Is it correct to synced database with large volume of indexed files(in dropbox) within two Macs via icloud_kit ?
I am so afraid for duplicates or other unknown problem to corrupt the database.

Yes, this is possible to do and shouldn’t generate duplicates.