Dropdown Picklists?

I have looked through this forum for a similar request for this feature but having found none I have decided to add my two-penneth. Sorry if its a repeat.

Would it be possible to consider the addition of ‘Picklists’ to the DevonThink database?

In the documents window I often turn on the option to display additional fields such as the , or Properties fields such as the , or fields.

Very often I have to add the same information into these fields over again. The option of being able to create lists of commons terms and references that pops up to offer drop down menu of pre-defined terms to populate these fields would be very useful.

Users of the popular Mac database Bento will possibly understand what I am getting at here as it is a feature in their software and works rather well,

Thanks for creating and supporting such a great piece of software!

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ve added this to the list of possible future enhancements.