DT 1.9 is great, but...

… there are still no spring loaded folders in column view. :cry:

Please consider adding this feature in the next release.

Best regards

Thank you for the suggestion which is already on the list of upcoming features and which might be part of V2.0.

Yes, please don’t forget about this and if you could add it sooner than 2.0 we would appreciate it. Every other view can do it (I think). The Columns view has recently become extremely useful to me, but this shortcoming makes it useless for rearranging info quickly. So I have to switch into another view, at which point I then lose the selection I had :frowning: (I know this has been “griped” about heavily already, but it is a serious flaw in the app). So, please implement spring loaded folders in column view as soon as you can. …And, while I’m at it, I’ll throw my voice into the chorus – please make DT keep the selection when a user switches views, I lose a lot of time refinding things all the time. Thank you.

Father Moses,

it’s still on the to-do list but will probably not appear before v2.0.

Christian, Thanks for the response. Just wanted to make sure this was not “forgotten”. Thanks.