DT 1.9.X AND 2.0pb4 installed - bookmarklets and services

My first post since I fell in love with DT:

I have both DT(personal, registered) 1.9.X and 2.0pb4 (pro, trial) installed, but only use the 2.0 beta.

So I am running into problems with the bookmarklets and the services shortcuts, as always 1.9 personal opens up when I clip anything, instead of sending the clip to the 2.0 pro database. This can get a bit annoying.

I have not figured out any way to specify which program version is used. Is there a trick besides deleting the “old” version?

Please advise. Thanks!

As you discovered, having two versions of DEVONthink in the Applications folder isn’t a good idea, as the result can be confusion of scripts and Services about which application is to receive a communication.

I keep both DT Pro Office 1.5.4 and DT Pro Office 2.0 beta4 in separate folders in my Applications folder, as I sometimes need to user 1.5.4 for Support purposes. To avoid problems, I make a compressed copy of the application that I’m not using for the time being, and delete the application file. I’ll then logout/login, to allow Services to reset to the application I’m using.