DT 2.0? - New App "stacks" view

I recommend checking out some of the screencasts of a new application released today called Magnification, developed for electron microscopy at:

Of particular note is the “Stacks” screencast. Looks like a new slant on CoverFlow. Possibly the DT developer’s are heading in a similar direction?

While I am anxiously awaiting v2 of DT and also the surprise/mystery application to be announced soon, I am one who really likes the DT interface (even including the pulldown Actions menu) - clean and flexible enabling access to an incredibly robust and powerful application.

Aesthetically, DT might be a bit dated and in need of a refresh in light of some of these newer applications leveraging of Leopard’s tools such as ImageKit and Core Animation (I’ll also admit at times new users are a bit challenged. But once they get past the initial hump - and the light bulb goes off, it is off to the races).

It looks like Magnification is a good example of where the OS X work space is moving to. The app itself also has similarities to Aperture. People in this forum have mentioned the interface of other scientific apps like Mek&Tosj’s Papers as another example of a well executed design.

This post is just more food for thought for the DT developers. Two examples of well executed Leopard programs with an ease of use and aesthetic that are a pleasure to use.

While there are a number of new applications attempting to crowd the DT space, and there have been some requests to update and “simplify” the DT interface like them, the problem is most are lightweight eye candy compared with DT.

DT is like a Bugatti or Ferrari. While a bit impractical at times (only one database open at a time - easy to work around with DEVONnote), I hope the next version while updated in some ways, still allows one to open it up and put it through its paces. In my book, its underlying tools and flexibility make it invaluable.

New app name is Macnification (not Magnification).

Wow, that’s smokin’ - Makes me want to go right out and buy an electron microscope! DTP 2.0 could indeed learn a few things from the likes of Macnification (and I wish it would hurry up; I’m seriously considering investing in SOHO notes, that’s how desperate I am for a simple and easy-access UI). But I doubt my database of PDFs and RTFs can ever approach that level of beauty … :smiley: