DT 2.0pb2. Are these bugs?

I’m not sure if this would qualify as bugs:

  1. When I tried to open Web LInks saved to DT 2.0pb2 database, they are open on a separate browser window which is what I would expect. However the Print Menu drops off the browser window as well.

  2. When I have two Web Links selected on DTpro 2.0pb2 database the MERGE option under the top menu DATA is still active, but since nothing comes out fo selecting MERGE it could be deactivated.

  3. Handling of SHEETS. This one is a little long so I’ll try to summirize as much as I can.

With DTpro 1.5.4 I was able to import BIB databases generated with the citation manager BIBIDESK. The imported BIB files in DTpro 1.5.4 resulted in a SHEET with all the fields nicely arrange in columns. The SHEET files then could be EXPORTED as a TSV file that could be easily opened in EXCEL for further manipulation.
Jumping forward, in DTpro 2.0pb2 importing the BIB files seems to produce the same nice SHEET as in DTpro 1.5.4. However, when I try to export the SHEET as a TSV file, the result is the same BIB file I imported into DTpro 2.0pb2 in the first place and so I cannot nothing with the file in EXCEL. Is this normal? I can provide more details.


Ibook G4. 10.5.6; 1.33 GHZ; 1.5 GB memory

I’m sorry but I’m not sure what the last sentence should mean.

The next beta will improve this.

Yes. Version 2 doesn’t convert files on its own anymore, e.g. V1.x converted Word to RTF or BibTeX to TSV. One advantage is that you can now index & synchronize BibTeX files.

Here I have a similiar behaviour (DTPOb2).

I saved a rtf-text from the “print”-page of a webpage. Normally my computer´s print menue drop down when I choose a “print”-page of a webpage.

When I open the saved rtf-file, my computer´s print menue dropped down again because he expects that I want to print this page (because it´s the “print”-page).

Is it clear?

My computer doesn’t have a “print menu” and therefore I’m still confused :wink:

If I understand you correctly, you have to edit the source and rip out the Javascript telling your browser (DTP in this case) to print upon viewing.

I apologize for the misuse of words. On question #1 I should have said that whenever I click once (to select) BOOKMARK or HTML files on my database the PRINT menu will appear. Same Print menu appeared whenever I click twice on the BOOKMARK or HTML. I closed the DB and opened again and that seemed to have resolved the “problem”.

Thanks for your reply and explanation on the other two questions I had.

The only possible solution coming to my mind would be to disable the automatic print sheet opened by JavaScript scripts completely in one of the next releases.

Or you could disable JavaScript in the Web preferences.