DT 2.0pb3 and Mellel

(Tried posting this two weeks ago at the end of a thread with no response so far.)

When I try to get the “Edit>copy link item” command in DT to work with Mellel I have no success — all I get is the path to the DT-file without it becoming a live link in the Mellel document. The same command works fine with most other apps and gives me a live link from the respective text app (even the iCal note section!) to the DT file I’d like it to link to. — Mellel is important to me and having the possibility to link from its docs directly to DT would be great. (DTP 2.0pb3 & Mellel 2.6.1 / OS 10.5.6)


What exactly do you mean with “path to the DT file”? You should get a URL like x-devonthink-item://… and Mellel should accept this.

After using the “Edit>copy link item” command in DT and pasting it into mellel I do get the path in the Mellel doc looking like “x-devonthink-item://5C94E81F-6640-47E8-AC6D-F57DBF4FB397”.

In my other text apps the same procedure results in a live link with the title of the document in DT (rather than the url) the link points to; in Mellel the above string doesn’t function as a link, i.e. stays exactly what it looks like here in this post.


Seems that Mellel (contrary to e.g. TextEdit, Safari, iCal or the Finder) isn’t using all information supplied by DEVONthink, e.g. ignores “CorePasteboardFlavorType 0x75726C6E” or “WebURLsWithTitlesPboardType”. These types define the suggested title for the link. Without the title, one gets only the raw URL (x-devonthink-item://…).

I see the same behavior for iWork’09 documents, where only the raw url is inserted. An active link is sorely missed, as I don’t see how to use the raw link to find the file in DTP I am linking to.


But that’s a bug in iWork, I can confirm it and will send a bug report to Apple. If you can do the same it may be fixed sometime in iWork '11. I would also report it to the Mellel developers.

Update: it’s reported to Apple as radr://6621254 and you can reference to it in your report.

Reported Mellel’s behaviour and annard’s responses here to the developers at Mellel’s forum a week ago. So far we’re still waiting…


No news from Mellel’s developers on this issue.

Similar problem between DT2.0pb4 and NeoOffice 3.0:


Update: See here for some help to kludge your way around the issue: