[DT 2.0pb3] OCR appears to be fixed at 72dpi

Dear forum,

Summary: DT always tells me the scanned document is at 72 dpi, no matter what settings I use in ScanSnap Manager or DT 2.0pb3.

Config: ScanSnap 510M auto-handoff to DT 2.0pb3, Macbook early 2007, white, 4GB RAM, 2.0Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo. ScanSnap Manager set for Excellent scanning, allow auto blank page removal, correct sewed char strings, allow auto image rotation. DT set for 300 dpi, quality 100%, original document Move to Trash, set attributes UNSET, Primary language English, no secondaries selected.

Activity: auto-scan of ordinary letters and traffic tickets directly into DT.

Result: no matter what settings I employ, the title string at the top of the DT main window tells me that the document is [Q x R pixel, 72 dpi, XX%].

Why can’t I get the document scanned at 300 dpi?

Is this a feature or a bug? Is there any workaround or fix I can implement?

Or is the descriptive string at the top of the window itself in error?

Thank you in advance for your time reading this posting and any response you may supply!


That is correct, and please read the release notes where it says that the original scan dpi is not honoured because of our workaround for an Abbyy problem. (In the next release this isn’t necessary anymore.)
However, if you zoom in on that file, you can see that the resolution is close to whatever you specified in the OCR preference pane. The fact is that even though the dpi may be 72dpi, we just add more pixels by enlarging the size of the document but still map it to the original page size. Thus you will not have lost detail.

Thank you for the quick response! And I’ll be sure to read the release notes!