DT 2/3 beta--setting preview font size/zoom keys not working

Hi All,

Sorry for long title. I am messing around with DT3 beta and I find that the base font size for the document preview pane is too small. I can change this on the “view/zoom” menu; however it indicates that I should be able to control/command/+ to increase the zoom level. This does not work for me in either DT2 or the beta.

Second question. Is there a way to increase this font size in the preferences so that I don’t have to increase the zoom on every preview? I saw an earlier thread on this from 2009 and the designers said that this was not possible. Surely that can’t still be the case.

The keyboard shortcuts are working in both DT 2 and the DT 3 beta on my Mac.

Is it possible you have set these keyboard shortcuts to something else in the global keybord shortcuts settings of the system preferences? Or do you use a country specific keyboard layout that needs maybe the shift key for typing a + and this key combination is already in use for some other function?

The answer for your second question (I strongly guess it was me back in 2009 starting a thread about it): There are no zoom preferences. But you just have to increase the zoom and DT will remember it. This works per document type, so you will have to increase the zoom once for rtf, once for Markdown, etc.

Thanks for the response. Indeed, there is something going on with my keyboard. If I press shift/cont/command + it zooms larger for a PDF. I checked my key board preference but could not find the cause. It is a bit strange because using command + in outlook zooms the pane without a problem.

However, even adding shift key does not increase the zoom sizing for a Word file. I know Word has used a slider bar for increasing document zoom for some time, but this slider bar is not present in DT. I just checked and you (or maybe just me) cannot manually zoom a Word document through the menu bar either.

So to my second question, if you (or just me) cannot set a preset view for the preview pane and you cannot manually increase the zoom for Word docs, what is one with failing eyesight to do?

Is this not something that would be important to DT interface designers??

I don’t think zoom in DT works for proprietary file format such as .xlsx or .docx.

Preview for these types of proprietary files is merely a QuickLook view.
On a trackpad, you can pinch to zoom. However, there is a non-zooming mask that will crop the content. Development would have to weigh in on that particular condition.

I’m not sure if this platform will allow me to upload a screen shot, but this may give you a visual idea of my dilemma.

Note the font size for document titles vs the text font. I think like many users, I use the preview screen as way of fine tuning my search. This font size is not very useful for me on my large mac screen, let alone my 15 inch mac bookpro.

I was hoping that this problem was overcome in the DT3 upgrade. :cry:

As I said, this is a QuickLook preview of a proprietary format. We cannot adjust the font size in a document like that. That would have to be done in Word.

If yoou choose View > Display >Text Alternative, you will see an RTF representation of the file. This can be zoomed and and out with Control-Command and + or -

Thanks Bluefrog, I see your challenge, and the RTF suggestion works, but is there a way to set this RTF alternative as default so I don’t have to adjust every word doc that I would like to quickly read?

You’re welcome!
No there isn’t such an option.
But you can click the Text Alternative button in the Navigation Bar or use Control-Command-X to quickly switch it.

Too many features to remember and learn. Okay thanks, I go with that. Is it the same on my current version of DT2?

Same essential place, but not exactly the same.

Too many features to remember and learn.

Just use what you need, for the tasks you have, and give yourself time to discover later. You don’t need to know the depths like we do. :slight_smile:

I guess I don’t know most features of the electronic devices at home - I just use what I need and almost never read manuals :smiley: