DT 2.9.1 - Sync no longer works


2.9.1 breaks the sync that was previously in place.

I was syncing over VPN to a MAC Mini Server behind my VPN over TCP/IP.

This dit not require Bonjour to get across the VPN I believe.

I suspect that the new ‘Local Sync Store’ option is dependant on Bonjour. Please confirm.

Do I start hammering on a ‘Why doesn’t Bonjour get across the VPN ?’ or shall I switch to Dropbox syncing ?


Reply to self - does local sync store imply that I should enable an AFP share for the .dtcloud on the MAC Mini Server and try to open the file from the AFP share across the VPN on the other computer ?

Another question: Once a sync group is created, an entire copy of the Devonthink database is put inside the sync group. Does this mean we cease to use the original database or does this means that Devonthink will mirror the original database with the one in the Sync group ?

Can we stop using the local database and just use the one in the sync group ?


DEVONthink is not making a copy of the database. It is Syncing raw DEVONthink-specific data to reproduce a file or database on another machine running DEVONthink.

And no, you will always be working with your local copy.