DT 2 and databases from version 1

I have not yet begun using DT Office 2, still using 1.5.4.

I have some databases on an older computer that were made in DT Pro 1, earlier version than 1.5.4.

What are the specifications for what dbs version 2 will import?

Is there reason to go back to these old dbs, which do contain material I want to keep & access, just haven’t gotten to doing it, and open them in v. 1.5.4 before I go to version 2?

(I probably won’t go to v.2 until it is out of beta.)

The only good reason for opening an older DT Pro 1.x database before having DT Pro 2 create a conversion of it would be run Verify & Repair under your current version of DT Pro 1.x. If it’s OK, then run Backup & Optimize. If you find errors, solve that problem before the conversion.

But that’s probably a pretty good reason. :slight_smile:

A very good reason. Thanks, Bill.