DT 2, importing, and OCR

Love the v2 release (I have Pro Office). So far my favorite feature is having the files automatically renamed when I change the name. Sadly, of the ~2300 PDF files I have, all of the PDF files lost their filename and their name in DT1 during the import into DT2. So, in any given group I have number files (starting from 000000…) in each folder. Not sure if I did something wrong because I tried an import twice. I was running the latest version of 1.5.4 and I also verified and repaired the database before I tried the import. I was curious if anyone else had the same issue.

Also, almost all of the PDF files were scanned in using VueScan long before I had DT. They were scanned without any OCR so I’m having to go back and OCR a lot of files. If I select a bunch of files (say, 100), right click and choose “Convert to Searchable PDF” it will run the OCR and convert the files to PDF+text. I can safely walk away from the computer at this point, but occasionally I’ll have a bad PDF file, or one without any text in it. DT pops up a dialog asking me if I want to skip the file, and pauses the OCR process. Any way to turn this off and have the message pop up in a log window while continuing the OCR process?

Yes, run it from a script because all UI is disabled in this case. The DEVONacademy pages have one for this purpose.

Ahh, ok. I’ve seen one posted in the forums somewhere as well. Thought there was maybe a feature or option I was overlooking, but if that’s the intended behavior I can certainly use the script. Thanks. The first issue with the names is also being addressed in another thread (its happening to some other people as well).