DT 2 licence stopped working (without upgrading DT 3)

Hi there,

My issue is similar to others posted here (the forum won’t let me link posts), the difference being that I have not purchased a DT3 licence.

Every time I start DT 2.9.13 on OS 10.12, it asks for a licence number. I have not replaced HDs or other hardware since installing DT.

My account page shows this:


So I’m lost as to what’s happening. Any input is appreciated.


Why are you running such out of date software?
The last version is 2.11.3. You should download the latest version from here and overwrite your current version: DEVONthink Legacy Downloads

Do NOT run an uninstaller application. Just overwrote the current version.

Did you get Devonthink as a student? If so, perhaps your licence might have expired.