DT 2.x License Stopped Working

So last night my DT 2.x license stopped working. Every time I start the app I get the “Enter License” dialog, but entering my license info doesnt work (the “Register” button stays grayed out).

Now, I have purchased an upgrade to DT 3.0, but as a result of other commitments I’ve yet to switch over to DT 3.0 (want to spend some time learning the new UI carefully). When I looked at my purchase date, it was Nov 3, 2019. Which is suspiciously 90 days ago.


– When I bought the upgrade, did I start a 90 day time-bomb on the 2.x license? I can’t find anything about that on your web pages.
– When I look online the DT 2.x license does indeed show as expired.

If this license has indeed expired, I would have appreciated some sort of warning, like “Your license expires in 5 days”. Instead, right now I find myself unable to access my data until I sit down and figure out DT 3.0. Giving no warning at all is pretty dubious imho.

You can use DT2 with the details of your DT3 license; basically the 2 license has been replaced by the 3 license.

Simply enter your new license code in DT2 :slight_smile:

ah ok … I didn’t think of that … much appreciated!!

:+1: pleased to help