DT 3.0 keep creates "Databases" folder under my home directory

Although I have all my databases under other place.

If I delete it, DEVONthink will create it at next start.

I’m using DT 3.0 beta 3.

That is the default location for databases, so DEVONthink ensures the location is available for use.

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I have this problem as well. When I first use DT3, about 1 year ago, all my databases are created under ~/Databases directory in my home directory. Thus, I have my backup software to backup this ~/Databases directory.

Recently, a few weeks ago, I created two new databases. They are created in my home directory instead of the ~/Databases directory in the home directory. Thus, the two new databases are not backup.

Two questions:

  1. How can I move these two new databases to the ~/Databases directory? Is it a simple shutdown DT and move the *.dtBase2 to my ~/Databases directory?

  2. How can I default all my future new databases to be created in ~/Databases directory? Is there any setting I can set?

  1. Yes, quit DEVONthink and move the databases, that’s it. The OS should provide DEVONthink with the new path to the db. If not you will have to open it manually for one time.

  2. As far as I can tell DEVONthink uses the last location it has created a database in. So maybe you had selected your home directory by accident when you created the first of your two new databases and thus the second one was created in the same location? But whatever had happened, just create a test db in Databases and then another one to see if it works again.

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The File > New Database… panel remembers the last used destination but in the end the database is created in the chosen directory.

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Thanks. They have been moved successfully, without any issue. Will be more careful/cautious when I create new database next time.