DT 3.01 and Catalina: "Clip to Devonthink"

When doing “Clip to Devonthink”, the popup display a “dark mode” window with text in grey, which generates not-clear-view to see or edit.

There was also similar issue with DT beta, Clip to devonthink, black text on grey background: DEVONThink3

  • Does this persist after a quit and relaunch of DEVONthink?
  • If so, how about after a machine reboot?

Both the Mac and Devonthink had been relaunched a few times before I noticed it.

My best guess is this has something to do with the transparency in the Dark Mode, my current Appearance Setting in Catalina is “Automatic”, and above issue was observed and repeated when Catalina and Devonthink switched to Dark Mode; and in the morning when Catalina in Light Mode, the clip popup window is fine.

Also, I haven’t noticed anywhere in DT 3 to set Dark/Light mode manually.

DEVONthink uses the system-wide settings.