DT 3.0beta4 - add tags to some groups not working or duplicating

Existing database: name: DT3 expmt
(I cannot remember whether I created it with DT 3.0beta3 or beta4)

Scenario A:

  1. Add new group that I name: Hull. ‘Get Info’, Add tag Hull.
  2. Outside Hull group, add new rtf, enter text but no tag.
  3. Drag 2 into 1.
  4. 2 displays two tags, both Hull.

Scenario B
5. Existing group name: West Bromwich 240. Added tag: West Bromwich 240. Exclude from Tagging: disabled,
6. No tag displaying.
7. Quit and relaunch DT 3.0beta4, Issue resolved,

Scenario C
6. Database Properties. Enable Exclude Groups from Tagging. Enable Inherit Tags of Groups.
7. In sidebar, expand all tags. Group tags showing.

For my future workflow, I am considering not using groups but just tag each item and display a sorted list of tags in the preview pane. On completion of a project, i would then create a group and drag the items into it. From experimenting so far, using a custom metadata date for my due date (easier to enter date than fiddle with calendar settings, also reminder date cannot backdate), entries are sorted to the column of my choice, rather than sorted by groups.

Was the option to exclude groups from tagging disabled and the option to inherit tags enabled? Did you change the database properties while performing these steps?

That’s correct, the tag you’re trying to assign is the group and that’s not possible/necessary.

I couldn’t reproduce this, group tags should be never displayed in the Tags section of the sidebar. A screenshot would be appreciated.

Scenario A
“Did you change the database properties while performing these steps?” Can’t remember, possibly.

  1. Database properties, exclude groups from tagging enabled

The group seems to have a tag identical to its name.

Yes, but so what? Shouldn’t make any difference?

I’ve started afresh. Deleted the group and all items inside and delete the tag and emptied trash. Searched to ensure no traces of Kingswinford 55 in the database. Found one item, removed the tag, deleted again.

Created a new group and named it Kingswinford 55. I have not added any tags to the group.
Next, (outside that group) add new (ninth) item rtf - default name ‘New Rich Text 9’ but no tags added to the item.
Drag New Rich Text 9 into the new Kingswinford 55 group.
Whereupon DT3 has added tag Kingswinford 55 to RT9!

Which settings, see database properties, do you use?

In that case it’s correct - if groups are not excluded from tagging, then each item in the group is tagged with the group’s name.

Still doesn’t explain why after my deleting all traces of Kingswinford 55 groups and tags from the database, adding a new group and naming it Kingswinford 55 and not adding any tags to the group should result in items inside the group becoming tagged with Kingswinford 55.

Perhaps my database has become corrupted?

No, it works as expected. Disabling the option “Exclude groups from tagging” doesn’t make it possible to assign tags to groups, that’s always possible. Instead groups are now tags too and therefore each item inside the group is tagged.

Ah ha! So, re-thinking my workflow to dispense with groups, instead tag each item and sort using tag column in preview could simplify more than I had envisaged.

Let me clear about this. As I understand, when I add a new group and rename it and then add an item inside that group, that item is tagged with the group name, but the group itself is not tagged.

Assuming that is correct, would that explain why the tag that the name of the group gives to the item is not listed under Tags on the Sidebar because the tag itself has not been user created?

That’s correct.