DT 3.0beta4 - Custom metadata

In Preferences Custom metadata I’d like to add a field that would able me to enter numbers such as 10.2.5 but I cannot work out how without using either the default Serial Number or DOI fields. Both Serial Number and DOI accepts 10.2.5 but with a smart folder the search criterion must be ‘.’. Also the field length is very long and not customisable. On a 27" screen, the only difference that adjusting the width of the Inspector makes is to narrow the preview area. Also, the appearance of both field labels is truncated.

Selecting Decimal Number doesn’t work because there are two points.
Selecting Integer Number doesn’t work at all - 2.5 doesn’t either, it reverts to 2
Boolean just has what looks like a check box which only accepts a tick.

If I have to use Serial number or DOI then I shall but a neater solution would be preferable.

Both the serial number and the digital object identifier are just string identifiers (usually unique) but there’s no number format that supports strings like 10.12.5. The best solution is probably a single-line text.

Thank you