DT 3.0beta4 - tags, side bar, colours

A downside of not having 3 panes and putting tags on the sidebar is that when the tag list is expanded and one has dozens of tags, as I do, it is necessary to scroll down a long way to get to the databases, recent databases, side-bar smart groups, smart rules.

As dispensing with 3 panes is to be the way forward, could we at least have some options for differentiation?

On DTPO, in database properties when exclude groups from tagging is enabled, the group folder colour changes from blue to yellow. Also, in DTPO, smart groups are colour purple. Whereas in DT3, the differences are icon style only and not instantly recognisable. Increasing the side bar text size to 16 is not pleasurable aesthetically (at least to me). Also, the difference between group tags and items tags is not readily discernible. Would be it be possible please to have an option in Preferences>Colors to enable user choice of colour of databases, groups and smart groups, and for group tags and user tags?

Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll consider this for future releases. However, there are no such plans yet.

I have just realised I can mark a group folder with a colour.

Forgot to mention that it’s already possible to assign colors to tags, see Info inspector/popover.

“Info inspector/popover”
Whereabouts? please provide screenshot.

Thank you. I couldn’t find the whereabouts before because there isn’t a colour box on an item or group generic inspector. It is only displayed when on the tag list (adding or selecting an existing one); also it is database specific.