DT 3.0beta4 - workspace issues

I have commented on workspace matters before so it may not have been fixed or I may not have understood properly. As I understand, I can save different workspaces.

For the Global inbox I have a 5 column layout which I have saved as workspace A

For my expmt database, I have a 4 column layout which I’ve saved as workspace B.

Before leaving expmt to go to Global inbox, in case I have altered anything, I update workspace B.

In Global inbox, i select workspace A but only 4 columns are displayed. Then when I go to expmt database only 3 columns are displayed. And then when I select workspace B, only 3 columns, instead of 4.

Also, when I add a new workspace and use the same name as another, there is no warning of overwriting an existing workspace.

Only opened databases, windows, tabs and selected inspectors are currently supported by workspaces.

Ok, will the next beta or the finished DT3 going to support different workspaces?

No, this isn’t planned in the near future.

Ok, so if I save one workspace for my database then I can expect it to display all the columns and others aspects of the layout that I’ve saved?

No, the customization of windows isn’t part of workspaces.

Ok, so how come preview pane displays some columns but not others, even though I’ve selected all the columns I want on display?

What exactly did you do?

how come preview pane displays some columns

“preview pane” ?

In my database, I selected the c/m field names for the columns, all displaying. Then left my database and went to Global Inbox. Then went back to my database. Nothing else. I attach screenshots with the view as I left it, what the Global inbox looked like, and what my database view looks like upon my return.

Wrong terminology, sorry.
I mean View Standard, View as List.

No worries! Just making sure when a clear on the details. :slight_smile:

Screenshots of the complete window before/after switching would be great.

When I opened DT 3.0beta4 this morning (UK time) the issue had righted itself. Both Global Inbox and my database preview windows have the same columns that I selected yesterday.