DT 3.0beta5 - pdf annotation highlight question

I do not having enough experience of annotating using DT so do not know if this is normal for DT3 or a bug.

When using Adobe Acrobat Xi Pro, when dragging the mouse to select text to be highlighted, I find it is not unusual for the mouse to resist selecting a word or letters at the end of a sentence. To overcome, I use the keyboard Shift+arrow to complete the selection. Also, where text is in two columns, even though Acrobat XI Pro is for the most part able to stick to one column at a time. it is sometimes necessary to backtrack slightly and use Shift+arrow to avoid the mouse selection jumping across to the second column rather than continue down the first column.

With DT 3.0beta5, using Shift+arrow doesn’t do anything. Either I should be using different keys - if so then which - or what is selected is as fas as I can go in that selection.

The pdf is ocr before import and after import, in case anything slipped through the process. I used DT3 ‘searchable to PDF’ as well.

Also, I attach 3 screenshots. The first shows the highlight in situ. The second the three highlights in the annotation inspector. The third Tools>Summarize Highlights on which only 2 of the 3 highlights are showing. (In case it it is relevant, I am encountering difficulty with para 2 of the original.)

This is actually completely handled by macOS’ PDFkit framework, the behaviour should be identical to Preview.app.

Please comment on the screenshot issue (which I posted after your first reply).

Probably another PDFkit glitch, its text handling is really unreliable/unpredictable. A copy of the doc incl. highlighting would be useful, maybe it’s possible to improve the already existing workarounds.

I tried using a different imported ocr pdf and highlighted some text. Summarize Highlights worked as expected. So probably just a glitch.

A copy of the document might be useful nonetheless (if it doesn’t contain any sensitive information).

How would I get it to you?

You could send me a PM plus the attachment or an email to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com.

On its way to you shortly, topic in the subject line