DT 3.0beta7 - Accessibility Devonthink Sorter

I am trying to resolve the issue with the Copy Selection hot key not working. In Accessibility, per attached screenshot, is Devonthink sorter the sorter for DTPO or DT3?

If DTPO is it ok to deselect or remove it?

It’s the one of version 2.

Version 2 of DTPO? If so then is is safe to remove it?

There’s no DEVONthink Pro Office 3. Uninstalling version 2 should be sufficient.

With respect, your way of communicating is contrary to straightforward communication between a technically-experienced person such as yourself and an inexperienced non-technical person such as myself, it is also time-wasting for us both.

When as I did I referred to DTPO and DT3, instead of answering “It’s the one of version 2”, the helpful answer should’ve been ‘it’s the one of DTPO’. Then I would’ve understood without needing to query or post this.