DT 3.0beta7 bug or expected behaviour

Having imported all files from DTPO global inbox to DT3 global inbox, I am tidying the files. Some files begin with ". For example:

“And how would you like me to cut your hair sir?”
(answer: in silence, please)

i have created a smart group to isolate them so that i can manually delete the ".

When i delete the " in the smart group, I should expect the edited file to immediately disappear, but that is not happening. Only when I click on another item in the side bar and then return to the " smart group is the edited file not showing.

I attach screenshots.

@cgrunenberg will have to weigh in on this. I am seeing some inconsistency here.

smartgroup.mov (1.5 MB)

Could you please post a screenshot of the smart group?

This is mine…