DT 3.0beta7 custom metadata behaviour or bug

In Preferences>Data, I created 2 separate CM fields, let’s call them A and B. In various Groups, I entered CM data in the two fields. I then decided to delete B which I did in Preferences>Data. Also, right-click the head of a column in View as List I deselected B in the CM drop-down box.

Upon visiting the entries where I’d used B, the CM field sometimes appears even though I deleted it. Checking Preferences>Data, B has reappeared on the list.

I am unable to reproduce what happens so if it’s not expected behaviour then please note, thank you.

Custom metadata definitions are automatically added to Preferences > Data if unknown custom metadata is added e.g. via sync or by scripts but also by importing files having custom metadata attributes. Therefore it’s hard to tell whether this is working as expected or a bug without additional details.

This happened to me occasionally in various beta versions, but in much fewer occasions after DT3b3 and only once in DT3b6 (I created 5-10 new fields for script-testing purpose in various stages).

This trick works for me every time after DT3b3 : (1) select all items that you might have added data before in the un-wanted cmd field (even for those that you have deleted the data); (2) use “tools->batch process” to clear all data in the unwanted cmd field; (3) after the batch process is completed, change the data type to any other types; (4) restart DT.

Just FYI

Noted, thank you.
I hadn’t entered much in CM-B before deleting B so can cope with deleting the behaviour as I go.