DT 3.0beta7 Sorter Info bug or expected behaviour?

I attach two screenshots, one of which shows the two-ring icon in Info coloured blue. When using Sorter for a new entry, please let me know whether the default appearance of that icon should have the button uncoloured or coloured blue.

I am finding that even though I do not click the icon it often displays in blue.

By default the unread button should be on (blue).

Noted, thank you.
What is the purpose of the blue? Is it to draw attention to the Info icons? or what?

If it is blue the record is marked as unread, if it is grey it is marked as read.

Thanks. Having experimented, there is something amiss so in what order should i enter content in the Sorter before clicking Add? I have tried clicking the icon to grey before Add but the record/item is displayed in the inbox as unread.

It looks like a bug. Thanks for raising the issue.