DT 3.5.1 not recognizing text layer

I have a mobile service bill (from Verizon) imported from my account (i.e., not scanned locally). Although the text can be selected when displayed within DT3, the file type is shown as PDF Document; contents do not show up in a search; the concordance is blank.
The text layer is accessible in PDFPen Pro and Preview; Within DT3 I can select and copy text, and paste into a DT3 note, so the text is available for some purposes but not all.

Document PDF version is 1.4
The document producer is "Ricoh Americas Corporation, AFP2PDF Plus Version: 1.200.11

Also, if I re-OCR within DT3, the file size goes from 260.4 KB to 2.4 MB.

DT3.5.1, Mojave 10.14.6.

Are you able to convert the document to plain text (see Data > Convert)? Or does selecting & copying text in Preview.app work?

Convert to plain text is greyed out in the menu bar selection and not shown in the context menu.
Yes, I can select and copy in Preview.app (and also in DT3).

Also, I believe this is new behavior in 3.5.1. I re-downloaded a past bill, originally downloaded on May 31. The older download shows pdf+text; the re-download today shows as PDF Document.

Just curious…
Duplicate the PDF. Does the duplicated one behave and differently.

No change.

  1. Select the PDF in DEVONthink.
  2. Select Data > Open With > Preview.
    If Preview is the default PDF application on your machine, you can press Shift-Command-O.
  3. In Preview, hold the Option key and choose File > Save As.
  4. Set Quartz filter to Create Generic PDFX-3 Document and press Save, overwriting the file when prompted.

Two changes: Text layer apparently gone completely (can’t select text in Preview or DT3); size increased from 263.6 KB to 3.4 MB. (did this with the redownload of an earlier document, not the one downloaded today, although both are showing same symptoms.)

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket and put a reference to this forum thread. Also, please attach an original file for us to test. Thanks!

Done. Appreciate the help…you guys are always superb with customer support (and with a great product!)

Thank you for the generous compliments. It’s greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: