DT 3: Window resizing different than DTPO 2?


At first let me thank you for the new V3 auf DT. Feels nice and I like it very much so far.

But on one of my old machines (MBP 13" 2011) I noticed a problem. Is it possible that with V3 there is a minimal window size for DT 3?

On this machine I have my dock on the bottom and after the first start the DT3 main window interfered with the dock here. I was not able to see the tools of the navigate sidebar and the tags.

So I tried to resize the window and to make it smaller but recognized that there seems a minimal window size in the vertical direction. I can shrink the window on the left and right sides, but I am not able to reduce the size in the vertical direction. I can make it bigger, but not smaller… Is this intended behavior?

Thanks for your feedback!


Yes, there is a minimum window size in DEVONthink 3. This may be adjusted in a future beta release, but yes, it is intentional.

Thanks for the quick response.

Please consider changing this because especially on older machines with lower resolution this would be better I think.


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I would also like more options for window resizing as I often work with multiple file types simultaneous (MP3 and PDF…), over which I need independent scrubbing/playback/scrolling control.

Having a separate window for each file sitting in its own little area of my desktop (rather than having one file open in a preview panel and other windows floating over each other in a maddening mess) simply works really well for me in DT2! I would love to see this same amount of customisability and control over window sizing and placement make it into DT3 before I pay for a software upgrade that so far compromises my time-sensitive workflow.

If anyone would like to provide any suggestions as to how I might work with the current window sizing, please feel free to do so - I’d appreciate learning a new approach to working with my materials if one exists!

Many thanks

Having a separate window for each file sitting in its own little area of my desktop

It is unclear what you’re describing here and how it differs in DEVONthink 3.

My apologies. Let me add some detail :slight_smile:

I am a music educator, which includes teaching and examining. I work with at least one PDF which remains open throughout an entire session (roughly 15-45 mins), as well as up to 8 mp3 tracks within the same session. I open the PDF in a DT window (not externally) and keep it open in a window resized to just over half the entire screen (MBP 15") so I can read, scroll and search for topics in the PDF while assessing a candidate. I resize the main DT navigation window to one of the remaining quarters (top left) which allows just enough room for navigation within a subfolder (one subject/topic/grade). The final quarter is for the mp3 (media) windows which I open and close for each test as needed.

To summarise: In one session (15-45 mins) I will have a single PDF (roughly 100 pages) open but need to search and scroll through it quickly for different topics to conduct the exam (somewhat non-linear), as well as opening, playing, pausing and scrubbing several (up to 8) different MP3 files which I open and close as needed. This process works perfectly in DT2 as window resizing is quite customisable (they can go quite small!). However, in DT3 the main navigation window and the media windows are not resizable to anywhere near the same scale as in DT2 - I can’t make everything fit without windows overlapping! In DT3 with overlapping windows, I have a very clumsy time navigating in the main DT window (resized to roughly a quarter of the screen - top left) while scrolling/searching through the PDF as the PDF is somewhat obscured, or the navigation window is obscured! Furthermore, the media window is also almost 3 times the length at its smallest compared to DT2, which also overlaps the PDF window! Windows overlapping everywhere…!

Unfortunately, this is a significant issue for me as I use DT every day (I use DEVONthink to Go while teaching, too), so I would love to upgrade and continue to support the software that I’ve been in love with since 2012. Please let me resize windows to whatever size I’d like :grinning:

Thanks for your patience.

Yes, all windows have a minimal size (already in version 2) but in version 3 it’s slightly larger due to the revised user interface. A screenshot would be useful, thanks.