DT adding .txt to a .tab file

I was searching for a way to import a simple Excel sheet (no formulae at all, just some columns of numbers and about 20 rows. Searched the Forum and came across something that I thought I could do.

It was recommended to export the file from Excel as tab delimited, change the extension from .txt to .tab and then use File->Import->Folders/Files and the file would be imported as a columned sheet.

When I do this, the file is imported as a plain text file and the file name has been changed from excel.tab to excel.tab.txt.

Could someone help me with this?


With Excelsheets I do like this.
I start Excel and opens the sheet , then I choose Print and then PDF.
After that I choose Save as PDF and OSX creates a pdf-file which I drag in to the group in DT
where I want it to be.
Mainly I use this with statistics which I get every week , so the sheet is only for looking at.
I dont know if this helps you but this is how I do it.

Sventa, thanks. That’s perfect for me. These sheets are also just stats that I only look at and this will be fine. But I think that I might as well just look at them in Excel. What I was trying to do was to avoid opening Excel – because I download the stat file from the web and I thought it’d be nice to just import it into DT as a sheet. In general, I’m trying to use DT in a way that will encompass as many programs as possible from among those I regularly use.

Again, thanks.

By the way , you have a really interesting and nice homepage!
My wife and I looked at the pages with a lot of interest!
And it was a lovely house you have built!

You have proven that you are a real adventurer!:))

Sorry if my english doesnt work all the time , but I hope you understand what I mean!


Thanks for the kind words about the house. Yes, it has been a great adventure for us. Didn’t regret a thing about it.


Try changing the extension to .tsv and the file should import as a sheet instead of text. That’s what works for me anyway.