DT and blogging as a collabrative education model

Hi I am brand new and still in the “demo” try out mode. I do own NoteTaker, purchased just for Blogging and research. After I bought it I found DevonThink :’(. Tonight I have been playing with both DT and DA. I do have to say that the combination knocked my socks off.

I got into blogging in a really round-about way. I am a mod on a writing site, the same site my high school uses for some classes (message forums and the like.) Too many people know my user name for me to feel comfortable posting a private journal, so I switched to a blog. Also, I am the SysAdmin at my high school, and I see blogging as a wonderful way to demonstrate subject mastery and want to set up a collabrative approach in applied techology-based classes.

I can see tremendous potential for an enterprise version of DevonThink, especially combined with DA and NoteTaker.  (I have been hoping that NT would go the enterprise route as well, using Dreamweaver’s model of “checking out” sites/pages from a “library” on a server.)

Back to the topic… my interests are as varied as backpacking, fly fishing, fly tying, macs, genetics, and my academic background are in English and Cell Biology. I can write very accurate essays/blog postings without losing sight of scources and links. (Where were you when I was in college? Talk about a place for a killer app!)  I spent tonight doing detailed DA searches and importing the data into DT… its so seamless and painless! Tomorrow I plan on creating test essays in NT and pulling sources straight out of DT. I can’t wait to see how it works!

Anyway, a marvelous product and I will be buying the on payday!



Your enthusiasm is well-founded. DEVONthink and NoteTaker are two programs that I would have loved to have had when I was an undergraduate. I graduated 53 years ago, but even then I dreamed of a portable computer in place of my portable typewriter. My "first" computer was a CDC 6600 university mainframe, in the 1960s – punch cards, FORTRAN and tape readers. Purchase, installation, operation and maintenance cost millions of dollars. Pretty closre to zero ranking for interactivity and user friendliness.

It’s very easy to clip material from DEVONthink into a NoteTaker notebook, then publish it as a Web notebook – or even publish it as a blog (see links on the AquaMinds Web site). So it’s already easy to disseminate material via the Web. I expect to see major developments for collaborative or shared projects over the next year or two.

The potentials truly are exciting.  :)


One of the things that occured to me was Special Ed. We are a 100% integrated school (all kids with SPED profiles are fully integrated and mainstreamed.) We have a few kids that constantly reverse what whatever they are either writing or copying. I was thinking how much this would eliminate one obstacle for them.

All I can say is that I really wish I had this software when I was in college and high school. (Like you I grew up with monsterous computers. In seventh grade I took a computer class. We did the IBM mainframes with keypunching lol. My first computer was a commadore 64, followed by an Amiga (in color!!!) and finally an IBM pc-clone. Now I have recovered from the darkside and work in a mainly mac enviroment. I have been healed and see the light!  :D )

I am just waiting for someone to answer my email about academic pricing (only students or does it include facualty and staff?) As soon as they do I am buying.