DT and BusyCal

I have been using BusyCal for quite sometimes now. I have decide to use more fully DT and I would like to create Calendar events from documents (like a tickler file system). I have been trying to modify the iCal script to use BusyCal.

I have started by copying and renaming the script file. Then I modified cpm.apple.ical for com.busymac.busycal where appropriate. No other change! That script does not compile anymore and the error message tells me that there is a syntax error and it stops at this line: ‚Äútell calendar theChosenCalendarName‚ÄĚ.

Any idea or anyone using BusyCal?

Luc Beaulieu

Is BusyCal scriptable, and if so did you read its dictionary to get the proper references? Terms for one app do not necessarily apply to others.

korm has it correct-BusyCal is not yet scriptable, although BusyMac has indicated that a future release will be. I have a couple of scripts that I use to send events to iCal, and I place the code below at the end of the script to quit iCal and launch BusyCal.

tell application "iCal"
end tell

tell application "BusyCal"
end tell

Thank you both for the replies. I guess I will proceed through iCal in the meantime since BusyCal and iCal utilize the same services.