DT and CMS (drupal et al)

I have been rapidly deploying a few of my sites for various projects academic and work-related. I use DTOP for all of my collation for research, and I’m really happy with what I’ve come up with. I’m yet to rely a whole lot on the server feature in DT – can it run on another computer besides my own? (IE, I have a laptop, I go around a lot, but on my LAN I could have a dedicated server running 24/7) Or is the current implementation one oriented towards personal use over a local area? I’m really interested in integration of DT into content management systems like Drupal, etc. Hell, I’d be happy with a Wordpress plugin.

Anyone sort of on the same page?

DEVONthink’s license is targeted on personal use, which means: one license per person. So you could use use your license on any number of machines as long as you only use it on one, or keep DEVONthink Pro Office running on your server Mac and access your databases from other places via the web interface.

Looking up the Help page for DT’s server took more steps than setting it to “On” in the preferences pane. Maybe I wasn’t clear but I wasn’t asking how to use it.

I was asking what options there are to broaden web integration, as the server seemed really good for personal use, but not what I’d want to open up to the whole internet. The server, for what it’s intended to do, is awesome. My only issue (which is my fault) is that Firefox doesn’t support inline PDFs with it so the pages recommend opening it in Safari. I realize that the server is more for either sharing the DB with a small group of people, or accessing these files when away from what DT is running on. And for those intended purposes, it runs great and does exactly what I’d want it to.

My real question/suggestion was some sort of future eye for CMS support, (ie exporting a PDF/doc plus its tags) to post on an external web server running something like Drupal or Wordpress. This would probably be doable now via an Automator script using terminal commands, but I was just wondering if it was something any other DT users either want to do or do already.