DT and Delicious bookmarks

Here’s a tip that works for me and maybe worth sharing:

I use the Inbox in DT as a GTD inbox, i.e. a place to store stuff I come across for later processing, be it a PDF of an article, a bookmark for a web page I don’t have to read at the time.

Storing bookmarks online with Delicious is valuable because they can be shared with other people and accessed anywhere. But if I bookmark in Delicious to read later, I’ve essentially created two inboxes (bad GTD) and more to the point, I generally forget to go back.

So what I do now with DT2 is put an RSS feed of my Delicious entries in the DT Inbox. Then when I do my regular review of the DT inbox everything I’ve bookmarked since the last time also gets picked up as an unread entry.