Dt and JungleDisk

anyone tried DT with the new JungleDisk sync feature on 2 different machines?

I experience troubles with using their exclude wildcards for databases.

Thanks Thomas

Are the troubles similar to the ones described in the following posting? viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9488

aha, sounds somehow related. DT tells when I open it that there is already an open copy although I haven’t tried to sync to a 2nd machine. It only snycs to the web atm.

Another hint: JD returns this error

Did you sync while the database was open?

Databases of DEVONthink 2 can contain much more files, therefore using Scripts > Export > Backup to JungleDisk might be more reliable.

Yes, JD syncs on an ongoing basis

That’s definitely not recommended while databases are in use.

I switched to Dropbox after experiencing the same kinds of problems with JungleDisk. Dropbox syncing works like a charm (but you have to make sure only one DB is open at the time).

Thanks for the heads up re open databases - will never do it again (and I now understand the conflict databases that were built).

Still the sync feature of JungelDisk 3,0 works fine for me. All I need is a script or … that syncs the moment I close a database. Is such a feature thinkable. I found a script that does/did a backup to JD. (think it’s defunct in JD 3.0)

Thanks Thomas