DT and .mac- The Future

My Question: Will the changes planned to DT make using . mac with it easier or worse? The whole databases can be pushed around now with an iPod, Flash drive, etc. ( see below). I’m wondering if there will be something like Sync Services, which will make it easier, or a multi-part library structure, which will make it harder. If it is still up in the air, consider this a request for easier !

The Background: I sync DT databases with .mac. I keep the databases on a “local copy” of my iDisk. When I’m going to travel, I sync the local copy up to .mac. and then back down from .mac to my laptop. When I return home, I reverse the process. Thus, I always have the most recent version before me, and backup copies on the .mac servers and my other computer. In case you haven’t guessed, they aren’t huge. Anybody else have an experience like this?

That will be still possible.

This might be part of a v2.x release.