DT and RagTime

Mein standard Layout- und Schreibprogramm ist RagTime. Da es vielfältig mit Texten umgehen kann, befindet sich hier inzwischen viel Wissen in verschiedensten RagTime-Dokumenten.

Besteht eine Möglichkeit, auch RagTime Dateien in DT zu importieren? Die einzelnen Textkomponenten sollten dann zu einzelnen Einträgen in DT werden.

Ich habe bei RagTime schon mal angefragt. Hr. Schell meinte dazu, dass das ginge, wenn ihre Importroutine ausführlicheren Programmcode erlauben würde. RagTimes Dateiformat ist Bento und sei damit gut auszulesen. Sie hatten so was auch schon mal für Sherlock, solange der auch Files durchsuchen konnte.


Christian Pech, Hannover

Evtl. integrieren wir Ragtime-Import in die Standard Edition, aber das hängt letztlich vom Aufwand & Interesse ab.

Maybe we’re going to add the possibility to import Ragtime documents to the Standard Edition. Depends on feedback.

I’d very much like to see import capabilities for RagTime documents into DEVONthink.

Best regards
Matthias Scheidl

Thanks for the feedback. The next supported file format will probably be WordPerfect (although WordPerfect isn’t available anymore for the Mac, we’ve received much more requests to support WordPerfect than to support Ragtime).

Put me down for supporting RagTime support as well. I’d agree with the WordPerfect choice if they continued Mac support, but since it is no longer available and since it’s been well over 5 years since I rec’d a WP file, it has not much use for me.


Maybe Ragtime support will be part of v1.9 or v2.0 (v2.0 is more likely as this version will support im/export plugins).

WOW! I’ve never seen Ragtime before but at least at first glence it’s awesome. :slight_smile:
I’m surprised they haven’t ruled the world. (It really seems superior to the basic functions most use in MS office)

I’d like to suggest ragtime support as well.

Marketing rules the world, not quality :wink: That’s why we’re going to increase our marketing efforts a lot in the near future :-X

And well llyou should. DT is, IMHO,  one of those rare 'killer apps" that increase the value of owning/using a Mac. I’ll often do work/research on my Powerbook, burn it to a CD and import it to my work PC. I’m just more productive with the tools available, such as DT, on my Mac.

Your slogan could be "Devon-Think Different" :slight_smile:

Euro apps are doing well at the moment, with Ragtime, DT and Ulysses all German, and other small companies coming out of France and UK. Microsoft on the run…