DT and ScanSnap Manager

I’ve had to reinstall DT on a new machine along with ScanSnap (S510M). However, I can’t get ScanSnap to see DT. In the ScanSnap manager, the “Application” tab is grayed out. I have reinstalled DT numerous time hoping that it would “see” the ScanSnap manager and install itself, but it’s not happening. Can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks for your help.


I have just found myself in the same situation after doing a clean install of my iMac. The Applications tab in SnapScan is not selectable. Moreover SnapScan crashes after completing a scan to the desktop. I downloaded the latest version of the SnapScan installer off the website.

Selecting the “Use Quick Menu” option in ScanSnap settings will inactivate the Applications tab. Unselecting it will reveal that tab.


Thanks for your advice. It has fixed the situation for me. I’m kicking myself I didn’t think to try that earlier.

I’m sorry for the extended delay in responding to your so very prompt advice. I’ve only made the time to attend to this problem today and I’m very happy it was so easy to fix.